About Me


    I have been painting for over 30 years, developing the ability to express my individual response to the environment and to the objects in it.

 Although I always had an intense desire to paint I really started to produce my work when living in Lincolnshire. At that time I had a busy working life as a head teacher with a family so there were often times when the painting had to be put on hold. Nevertheless I was able to produce some pieces and these were exhibited locally. After the children left home I moved first to Somerset, where the quiet surroundings enabled me to concentrate on developing my art further.

 Eventually I setteled in my current home in the Gloucestershire village of Longhope. Here I have a studio and am able to spend much of my time painting. I particularly enjoy painting garden scenes and still life pieces. I much prefer to paint from a real subject or possibly sketches rather than photographs. I am a full member of the Gloucestershire Society of Artists and a Friend of the  Royal Academy of Arts.

    When I am not painting I enjoy travelling to other countries. New cultures are always a source of new ideas and inspiration to me. I have recently visited Uzbekistan and Israel and am sure that there will be paintings to come from these trips





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