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 This gallery contains a variety of subjects

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 Midsummer Night Dream

watercolour paper 60cm x 79cm



 The Tempest

watercolour paper 60cm x 79cm



The End of the Garden - Eagle

brush and ink on paper 82cm x 58cm




 San Juan de Chamula, Chiapas, Mexico

oil on board 61cm x 50.7cm



 A Life in Orchids

oil on canvas 55.7cm x 44.3cm



 Psychedelia Clingancourt

oil on canvas 46cm x 36cm



 Staircases Wood and Iron - Les Chambons

pastel paper 28cm x 20.5cm



 Staircase and Lampshades - Les Chambons

pastel paper 31.7cm x 23.1cm








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